Saturday, 10 September 2016

from The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd

"Having disciplined mind and body to quiescence, I must discipline them also to activity. The senses must be used. For the ear, the most vital thing that can be listened to here is silence. To bend the ear to silence is to discover how seldom it is there. Always something moves. When the air is quite still, there is always running water; and up here that is a sound that one can hardly lose, though on many stony parts of the plateau one is above the watercourses. But now and then comes an hour when the silence is all but absolute, and listening to it one slips out of time. Such a silence is not a mere negation of sound. It is like a new element, and if water is still sounding with a low far-off murmur, it is no more than the last edge of an element we are leaving, as the last edge of land hangs on the mariner’s horizon."

from  The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd
written in the 1940s, first published 1977 
2011  Edinburgh & London, Canongate. [page 96]

Monday, 5 September 2016

London pause;reflect;awareness Saturday 29th October

pause: reflect : awareness
Autumn 2016
Fiona Wright
Awareness Through Movement
 Feldenkrais Method

SATURDAY 29th October  1pm-4pm
Venue: Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, 85 St Georges Rd, SE1 6ER
(SOUTH LONDON - near Elephant & Castle / Waterloo)
**there are mats already available at this venue**

Cost: £30
**Good transport links and access**

pause: reflect : awareness
A short yet 'gentle intensive' 3 hour Saturday afternoon workshop, to allow space and time to go deeper than a single class might allow.

In Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais Method) we work slowly in guided lessons with the emphasis on independent process, always finding our own pace. Any level of experience is welcome and no particular training is necessary, simply an interest in discovering through your own movement experience - this can support other practices and generally offer more enjoyment, ease and spontaneity in everyday actions.


Individual Feldenkrais Method Lessons in East London with Fiona Wright


Feldenkrais Method  - for easier movement
Individual Lessons in East London with Fiona Wright

Functional Integration one-to-one sessions are hands on and appointments are 50 minutes.
If you want to arrange something or have any questions please email as soon as possible. 


Some examples of afternoon sessions currently available:
Thursday 22nd September
Thursday 20th October
Thursday 10th November

Other days and times sometimes possible too.   Book directly with Fiona.
07751 816390

Venue:  Yoganest - East london Community Wellbeing 
next to St Margaret's House
in Bethnal Green
27 Old Ford Road, E2 9PG
**Good transport links**

Each lesson revolves around a question about your habits of movement. You lie fully-clothed on a low table as the teacher's hands gently support you, suggesting, encouraging and guiding you towards new ways of moving and organising yourself.

photo credit; Jonathan Thrift